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You Gotta Have Heart! Miles And Miles And Miles Of Heart

1 Apr

I’ve recently started to really focus on self improvement and self fulfillment and what I need to do to make my life what I want it to be.

Tonight I was listening to Tony Robbins speak (yeah…I know…but he seems to be making a lot of sense to me) and he said something that reminded me of this blog entry I wrote 3 years ago. He said, “Heart. That’s how you become outstanding. If you got enough heart and enough vision and enough reasons, there is nothing you dream about you can’t turn into reality. Because with that amount of vision and with the skills to be able to plan it and organize it, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. But you gotta have heart.”

I think there’s hope for me yet…

Confessions of a Merch Whore

I’ve just returned to the hotel from a truly wonderful going away party/company roast (think Comedy Central roasts Bob Saget…not Sunday dinner) and, even though I have to be up in seven hours to drive to Oklahoma City, here I am…writing.

Tonight was a celebration – not only of those six company members that played their last performance tonight, but also of the six new actors who are joining the family. It was  a celebration for those of us who have been here since we opened the show exactly six months ago today in Pittsburgh. It was a celebration for the company, as well, for getting through an incredibly difficult week of learning new material during the day and actually doing it at night. We were due for a celebration.

After our musical director’s brilliant roast which, somehow, I was lucky enough to evade, we sat around talking, laughing, and…

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